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‘Dump Donald, Eh!

Join the Canuck Conspiracy to Keep The Donald in ‘Cheque’

Friends, Canadians, Countrymen …  Enough is Enough … it’s time to stop being so polite and take a position! With mere weeks until the US Presidential election, we need to take action and send Trump a clearly Canadian message that as a nation, we are NOT down with the Donald.
But what can us Canucks do about it?
Glad you asked.
We’re more than a bunch of anti-Trump crusaders. We’re a group of everyday Canadians-turned-activists determined to make our voices heard south of the border. Instead of tilting at windmills and carrying unnoticed protest signs in the street – we decided to create a way for every Canadian to show their disgust over the Donald. Sadly, we can’t vote in the U.S. election, but we can use our wallets to speak to Trump in a language that he understands: MONEY.
Hear us out… For every ‘Dump Donald, Eh!’ product you buy, we’ll be donating all profits directly to Trump with one condition, that he accepts our cheque as payment to drop out of the election before November 8th. We plan on making one hell of a noise with as many Canadian dollars as possible to tell the Donald loud and clear that Canadians do NOT stand behind him.
In the event that Trump opts to not cash the cheque, The Canadian Anti-Trump Cabal pledges to direct profits to a cause likely to distress the Donald, such as gun control, women’s rights or legal funds for small businesses to recover unpaid fees from deadbeat Billionaires.
How about Dropping a ‘Dump Donald’ yard sign on your lawn, or making tough political calls with a Trump-tastic phone case? Whatever strikes your fancy, you’ll be helping to break Canada’s silence on America’s political circus and ruffle a few of Trump’s feathers.
Because, truth be told, we can’t think of anything much worse than four to eight years of President Trump. Can you?
‘Dump Donald, Eh!’ activist accessories offer the concerned Canuck a range of anti-Trump merchandise to mark their protest and own a piece of presidential history.