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Dump Donald, Eh! Campaign Update

Our fellow Canadians … We quickly came together three weeks ago as a concerned super PAC of Canadian business owners with the goal of getting Canadians to weigh in on the US election – because we all have skin in this game.

Our campaign started off with a simple notion, to send Trump a message in a language that he understands (Money!) and that Canadians are clearly not behind him as a nation. Our plan was to send him a cheque with the profits of our online political pop-up store and let him cash it on one condition - that he drop out of the election before November 8th.

We immediately scored major national media coverage on CTV Newsnet, Metro and several radio outlets where founder Patrick McCaully went toe-to-toe with Trump supporters.

Week two of the campaign, we shifted tactics and started tweeting Trump every morning at 3:01am to ask him how much to drop out. We also tweeted America’s top political influencers to join our cause and ask him the $$$ question – then we took to the streets and created a two-minute video to take the pulse of everyday Canadians’ thoughts on the U.S. election. 

In the end, we have generated over 66,726 Reach on Facebook (in under three weeks), 42 media hits, and many, many impassioned online comments both for and against our cause.

Though we weren’t able to raise funds significant enough to grab Donald’s attention, as a final action the Dump Donald, Eh! campaign has made a donation to Vancouver’s VAST organization in support of the mental health of refugees coming to Canada. VAST supports the mental health of refugees who arrive in Canada with psychological trauma as a result of torture, political violence, and other forms of persecution on the basis of race, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Our donation will provide ten hours of translation and interpreting services to assist with counselling sessions and help offer a welcoming introduction to life in Canada.